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Law on Thermal Insulation in Cyprus

In order to be in compliance with the regulation on energy performance requirements, new buildings and buildings that undergo major renovation must have thermal insulation placed.

This highlights the importance of thermal insulation for both environmental and economic reasons as well as the many benefits it has on the property and the property owner.

Moreover, the government offers grand schemes for the installation of roof thermal insulation on the roof of an existing house. These schemes are part of the initiative to encourage citizens to use RES.

Why You Should Choose Insulation


energy efficiency


Contribute to the environmental protection and feel the pleasure of helping.



Insulation in Cyprus can protect your house from various weather conditions.



Insulation increases a property’s value and owners can sell it at a higher price point.

money saving

Money Saving

Save on your electricity bills as well as on potential property maintenance costs.

What does the insulation price depend on?

The cost of insulation depends on the surface to be insulated, the insulation material and technique as well as the work that needs to be done to a specific place before beginning the thermal insulation process.

Is thermal insulation environmentally friendly?

Thermal insulation is environmentally friendly because using thermal insulation in Cyprus can help reduce energy consumption as well as greenhouse gas emissions. This can have a positive impact on the environment and its protection of it. Moreover, there are many types of thermal insulation that are made from recycled or natural materials.

Can thermal insulation help to reduce noise?

Yes, but not always. Some types of thermal insulation can also insulate sound, but it depends on the insulation materials.

How do I choose the right type of insulation for my house?

The right type of insulation is different for each building and depends on several factors, such as the location and climate, the type and age of your building, and, of course, your budget and energy-saving goals. You should consult with a professional who can assess your specific needs and recommend the best type of insulation for your house.

Are there different types of thermal insulation for different parts of a building?

Yes, there are different types of insulation based on the different parts of a building. There is roof, ceiling and wall insulation. Depending on the material and product, sometimes the same product can be used in various parts of a building. For example, the same product could be used on the walls and ceiling or on the roof and basement etc.

What are the different materials used for insulation?

The most commonly used materials for insulation in Cyprus are fiberglass, mineral/stone wool, cellulose, expanded polystyrene and extruded polystyrene. The materials can be applied in the form of foam, panels, blankets or wraps.

Can thermal insulation in Cyprus be added to an existing building?

Of course. Thermal insulation in Cyprus is not only applicable to new structures. Insulation can be applied to old buildings as well. What changes is usually the method and materials used, however, this depends on various factors, including the type of insulation, the building’s age and more.

How can thermal insulation be installed?

Thermal insulation in Cyprus can be installed in various ways based on different factors like the insulation type, material and location. Insulation can be installed in the form of spray foam, rolls, batts, boards and panels.

How long does thermal insulation last in Cyprus?

With proper installation and maintenance, thermal insulation can last for several decades. Of course, its lifespan depends on the materials used, the type of insulation and other factors.

Is paying for insulation worth it?

Many people think of the cost of insulation in Cyprus. However, with electricity prices keep increasing, the amortization of the insulation installation is usually achieved through reduced energy bills within a few years’ time. Choosing to insulate your property is basically a great investment.

roof waterproofing cyprus

Roof waterproofing

Roof waterproofing can help protect your building from damage caused by water. It also extends the life of both the roof and the building as it prevents the appearance of mould and moisture.

Read more about the benefits of waterproofing.

ceiling insulation

Ceiling Insulation

Ceiling insulation is great for reducing heat loss and thus making a building more energy efficient. Moreover, ceiling insulation usually helps with soundproofing between rooms of a building.

roof insulation cyprus

Roof Thermal Insulation

Roof thermal insulation is very crucial for a building’s energy efficiency. It prevents heat or cool air from escaping through the roof, thus offering a comfortable place throughout the year.

internal wall insulation cyprus

Internal Wall Thermal Insulation

Internal wall thermal insulation is used to reduce heat transfer through the walls. It is a great way to keep a place warm in the winter and cold in the summer.

external wall insulation cyprus

External Wall Thermal Insulation

Nowadays, external wall thermal insulation is used in all new houses as it is a Law requirement towards energy efficiency performance.

Insulation in Cyprus

We install internal and external wall, roof and ceiling thermal insulation, and waterproofing insulation on both new and old properties to offer the owners the multiple benefits of insulation.

We provide a study, a quote and the actual insulation application. Our experience and expertise allow us to identify which thermal insulation is suitable for your building in Cyprus and what material will make the insulation successful. Our team conducts a property assessment to consult you on which type of insulation you should go for based on your property’s energy study in combination with its climate zone.

Our team works with top providers of insulating materials to ensure the best results in our thermal insulations.

Our insulation fitters in Cyprus are trained and certified and always work for the best results. They have years of training and experience and in combination with the high-quality materials we use, the insulating results are always perfect. Knowing how to place the insulation materials is very crucial for achieving successful insulation but trusting our professionals ensures this success.



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