Areas of Your Home You Can Waterproof in Cyprus


Now, that you are building your dream home or have built it, it is time to think of ways to protect it against the test of time. Waterproofing your home is a great investment and insurance from any damage. It also, adds great value in case you want to resale it. When asking, what areas of my house should I waterproof, find some suggestions below. Here are some areas of your home you can waterproof.


One area of your home that daily comes in direct contact with water is your bathroom. Thus, it is important to waterproof your bathroom’s walls and ceiling. The best materials are a waterproof sheet membrane or foam backer board to be placed underneath acrylic, stone, metal, ceramic, or porcelain tile.


Residents, usually, love their balconies. Having a balcony can be not only beneficial for your health but also it is offering a wide range of activities. Your balcony, is probably the most vulnerable area of your home to rain or snow, depending on where you are living. Thus, protecting it from moisture, or water is of high importance.


Water can, also, penetrate the house from the roof. Consequently, moisture will create damage to the interior of your home. Waterproofing your roof will relieve you from having to worry about the damages that might occur to your home in winter. Your terrace will be free from structural downgrading and widespread mildew and leak. Remember that the roof’s main purpose is to protect your home from various troublesome weather conditions.


Kitchens are also exposed to moisture since they have a water supply. The wall behind the sink, the cabinet under the sink and the kitchen floor are the major areas exposed to splashes of water. It’s necessary for your kitchen, where hygiene is important, to not get mildew preventing possible food poisoning.


The basement is the foundation of your home. Accumulated moisture and mildew there can create health problems for you and your family and affect the integrity of your home, causing it to shift. Insulation is something to consider when your basement is flooding regularly or rarely. Preventing floods will result in not losing what you may have saved in your underground storage room. In serious cases, the walls of your home may collapse, when the damage is extensive.

Overall, waterproofing your home reduces energy and maintenance costs.  

So, when you decide to waterproof an area of your home or all of it, from top to bottom, contact Insulation in Cyprus. A team of professionals is ready and willing to help you create the home you deserve.