Ceiling Insulation in Cyprus

Ceiling insulation in Cyprus is used in many kinds of properties but is particularly great for buildings with multiple floors as it provides a comfortable living space for everyone no matter what floor they live on. Also, if not the whole apartment building is insulated, you can just insulate your one internally so that the heat does not escape into the apartment above.

ceiling insulation in cyprus

Ceiling insulation in Cyprus:

  • retains heat and improves energy efficiency
  • keeps a building warm in the winter and cool in the summer
  • helps save money on energy bills
  • reduces sound transfer from outside and between rooms
  • prevents moisture and condensation
  • prevents or slows down fire
ceiling insulation in cyprus

Ceiling Insulation Products

ceiling insulation in cyprus



  • Fire resistance
  • High sound absorption
  • Excellent sound insulation

These rock wool boards are the ultimate solution to ceiling thermal insulation.

ceiling insulation in cyprus

Ceiling insulation in Cyprus is a great way to improve a building’s energy efficiency. Installing ceiling insulation is not expensive as it can pay for itself over time through savings on energy bills.

ceiling insulation in cyprus



  • Rot proof
  • Fire retardant
  • Easy installation

This glass mineral wool product is applicable to loft ceilings.

What materials are used for ceiling insulation in Cyprus?

The materials that are mostly used for ceiling insulation are fiberglass, mineral wool and extruded polystyrene.

How much does ceiling insulation cost in Cyprus?

Ceiling insulation cost depends on various factors including the surface to be insulated, as well as the material used. In general, the price of ceiling insulation in Cyprus is between 25-35 €/m2.

Is roof and ceiling insulation the same?

No, the insulation is applied to different parts of a building. For ceiling insulation the insulating material is applied on top of the ceiling plasterboard. For roof insulation the insulating material is fitted under the roof structure or on top of it depending on the type of material, as well as the type of roof.

How long does ceiling insulation last?

Ceiling insulation in Cyprus can last for decades and even up to 80 or more years. Of course, this depends on the quality of the materials used, the installation and whether it is correctly maintained.