Wall Insulation in Cyprus

Internal and external wall insulation are methods of insulating a building’s walls to regulate the temperature of its indoors spaces and improve energy efficiency.


External Wall Thermal Insulation

Our external wall thermal insulation service guarantees maximum results with cool internal spaces during hot summers in Cyprus and warm internal spaces during the cold winter months.

Amongst other benefits, external wall insulation in Cyprus makes a building more comfortable, keeps the air quality inside it good and helps with sound insulation from outside noises. External wall insulation in Cyprus also improves the appearance of a property on the outside.

external wall insulation in cyprus

Internal Wall Thermal Insulation

Internal wall thermal insulation in Cyprus is ideal for buildings that need to maintain the appearance of their external walls, like preserved houses. Internal wall insulation provides warmth to a space during winter and cool air during summer. Moreover, internal insulation is usually cheaper than external insulation, but this also depends on other factors.

internal wall insulation in cyprus

Wall Insulation Products



  • Fully recyclable
  • Resistant to vibrations
  • Compressive and tensile strength

These extruded polystyrene panels provide excellent thermal insulation and are great for external wall insulation.

wall insulation in cyprus


  • Zero water absorption
  • High sound absorption
  • Lightweight and easy to install

Expanded polystyrene panels that are suitable for both internal and external wall insulation.


Durosol eXternal

  • Easy application
  • Moisture absorption resistance
  • Suitable for double brick wall insulation

Durosol eXternal is fully recyclable product that gives excellent results.

How much does external wall insulation cost in Cyprus?

The cost of installing external wall insulation varies depending on the size and type of the building, as well as the type and thickness of insulation material used.

An estimated price for external wall insulation in Cyprus is 15-30 €/m2.

Does internal wall insulation reduce the space in a room?

Yes, internal wall insulation can reduce the amount of space in a building. This is because by placing the insulation material on the walls they become thicker, which can make rooms feel smaller.

Is external or internal wall insulation more expensive?

This cannot be said without knowing the whole picture as the price of wall insulation in Cyprus depends on a number of factors. Internal wall insulation is generally cheaper, and you can also choose specific rooms to insulate. However, internal wall insulation usually requires additional work and labour before or after the insulation process, which can increase the overall cost of internal insulation.

Which type of wall insulation lasts longer in Cyprus?

The lifespan of wall insulation depends on various factors. When applied correctly, internal insulation can last longer than external insulation because it is not affected by weather conditions. However, internal wall insulation requires more care as it is more fragile and needs special caring when it comes to adding shelves or nails.